So, you’ve probably read that a 20 minute EMS session is equivalent to 90 minutes in the gym…. But why is this? And who is it best for?

Electro Muscle Stimulation fitness training works by making your muscles engage using a gentle electric pulse. It activates over 90% of your major muscles simultaneously. At the same time you are exercising and the level of these exercises depends on your level of strength and fitness. So instead of doing sets of exercises on each muscle group in the gym, you are working everything together. In a nutshell you are performing more muscle contractions per minute of your workout than in regular training.


Training with EMS also enables you to activate muscles that are weak or injured and you usually struggle to activate. Building strength would require a longer time and more specific movement in normal training. It is incredibly effective in a short period of time.


During a single, 20 minute training session EMS activates the whole muscular system of the body.


So, who should be trying EMS training:


  • Anyone who is short of time or doesn’t enjoy exercise. EMS keeps sessions short, but incredibly effective


  • Anyone who struggles with weak or injured muscles – EMS targets and strengthens without putting any pressure on the joints


  • Anyone who wants fast results – one or two EMS sessions a week can make a huge difference to your strength and fitness


  • Anyone who doesn’t enjoy the gym – we have a private studio in a lovely setting


But don’t just take our word for it, you can check out some of our client testimonials here


With summer just round the corner, now is the perfect time to work on getting your body fit and strong… and with EMS training you can do that in just a fraction of the time you would need to spend in the gym.

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