We understand that EMS Personal Training is a new fitness concept and that there will be some scepticism about it; Is it safe? Is it just a fad? Aren’t I cheating using EMS? These are questions we often hear. Hopefully our client videos below will help put your mind at ease, but if you would like to speak to a Fast Track EMS client to hear how they have found it, then just e-mail us on info@fasttrack-ems.com and we will set it up.

Listen to the different reasons our clients choose to train with Fast Track EMS Fitness.

The benefits include: Time efficiency of the 20 minute sessions, Helping to recover from injury, Rebuilding core strength post pregnancy Helping performance in other sports.

Book a free trial to find out how Fast Track EMS can help you with your fitness or injury rehab goals.

Here are four more of our clients explaining why they choose to train with Fast Track EMS.

The reasons include: 1) Targeting specific muscle groups 2) Training for events like marathons or triathlons 3) Building strength in weak or injured areas 4) A time efficient way to exercise (sessions are only 20 mins) 5) Training for a ski trip Book a free trial to find out more.

We can come to your home or you can visit our studio in Twyford, Hampshire.

Alex – local business owner.

Using EMS to overcome a historical back problem.

EMS personal training can be incredibly effective at helping to overcome back stiffness and pain. Watch this video to find out how Fast Track EMS have helped Alex to improve his long term back injury.

Tim Barker – Commuter, short on time to exercise

Using EMS to train for events or challenges.

Watch this short video of Twyford’s own Tim Barker, who is working towards rowing across The Channel this summer. He is training with Fast Track EMS to boost his upper body muscle strength and all round fitness.

Honey – Teacher

EMS compliments her other sports & helps with toning

Honey Stavonhagen has been training with Fast Track EMS for 18 months. The benefits of EMS for her include curing her back pain, helping with her fitness and toning and being able to get more out of her other sports like paddle boarding. Thanks for being such an EMS star Honey!

Zara – Local Financial Director

EMS Training – a great way to keep fit if you are short of time

Watch this short video of Zara, a local Financial Director, who finds the fact you only need to do 20 mins of EMS personal training a week to boost strength, fitness and toning, a huge benefit for her busy schedule.


EMS is the fastest growing area of the fitness industry and is a wonderful compliment to even the most intense training sessions. So it is no wonder it is being utilised and endorsed by professional athletes, footballers, tennis players, surfers, boxers etc. as well as actors and models.

Here are just some of the stars of sport & the celebrity world you may well know:

Usain Bolt EMS Personal Training

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt EMS Personal Training

David Haye

Ryan Bertrand EMS Personal Training

Ryan Bertrand

Tom Holland Spiderman EMS Personal Training

Tom Holland

Alessandra Ambrosio EMS Personal Training

Alessandra Ambrosio

Ashley Graham EMS Personal Training

Ashley Graham

Bayern Munich fitness coach, Oliver Schmidtlein, had this to say about Miha Bodytec;

“We use the miha bodytec in our facility with both leisure and competitive athletes. We also use it for specific back problems. Using the miha bodytec alone or in conjunction with conventional training methods leads to new levels of endurance and performance. EMS training allows a stronger and more intensive contraction of muscles than purely arbitrary contractions, increasing potential in the area of speed, for example. Endurance, maximum strength, explosive strength, hypertrophy – we develop individual training procedures depending on the programme and intensity.”