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If you are in training for a triathlon, marathon, cycle race, or want to boost your sport performance, EMS training can help build strength and power in the muscle groups you really need to target:

  • EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) is used by elite athletes and sports clubs to boost performance. Usain Bolt trained using EMS for 9 years over his last 2 Olympic Games (see more about Usain Bolt here).

  • EMS builds strength in the muscle groups that are essential for your sport, to help give you a competitive edge. We can help with all sports but work a lot with triathletes, marathon runners, cyclists, body builders and golfers.
  • Combined with sport specific exercises and movements, EMS is able to target the muscles that will help you boost your speed, strength and endurance.
  • The EMS machine is set to the client’s strength and fitness levels so it doesn’t matter how fit (or unfit) you are, EMS will be able to build your strength & help you improve your race training.
  • EMS also boosts strength in weak or injured muscle groups without putting strain on the joints, so it’s ideal for athletes carrying an injury. Additionally, EMS stimulates blood flow to help repair damaged muscles
  • If you are training for a marathon, cycle race or triathlon, want to hit the golf ball further, or the tennis ball harder, or build muscle strength & tone – come and try a free trial with Fast Track EMS to see how we can help.
  • Results are fast – sessions are only 20 minutes a week and clients often feel the benefits from week one. 20 minutes EMS is equivalent to 90 minutes in the gym.


Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology has been used by elite athletes and professional sports clubs for decades.

It works by making your muscles contract using gentle electrical pulses, without putting any strain on your joints. This builds muscle strength in 90% of your major muscle groups in a safe, effective and targeted way. It also builds bone density and engages and strengthens lazy or injured muscles. Combined with sports specific movements, Fast Track are able to target the muscles you really want to strengthen to improve your sports performance.

Fast Track EMS work with clients of all ages and fitness levels, but we train a large number of clients preparing for marathons, triathlons and cycle races, as well as golfers looking to improve their distance.

As 90% of your muscles are engaged simultaneously, it means sessions are only 20 minutes long and results are quick and rewarding. 20 minutes EMS is equivalent to 90 minutes in the gym.

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Read our testimonials from clients we have helped boost their sports performance. Read more reviews on the Fast Track EMS Facebook page:

“I’ve been doing sessions as part of a programme to get me fit to run a marathon and it’s just been brilliant. I already feel much stronger and know I am now engaging muscle groups more effectively to help with my running.”

“EMS is a great way to maintain and develop all round fitness in a time-efficient way, and to cross-train for other sports such as running and cycling. It’s also really helpful for training when suffering from injuries or minor strains – as the training can focus on uninjured parts.”

“I have noticed a massive improvement in physical stamina and physique.”

“What can I say about the team at EMS Fitness except absolutely fantastic. Sessions are hard, fun, exhilarating & powerful. For me as World, British & European powerlifting champion & pro bodybuilder …. I wanted to regain my strength after having lost my precious mum last year & this has been amazing. I have kept my strength regained my focus and determination & retained muscle mass wicked thank you!”

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Experiencing how EMS works is the best way to understand how we can help with your race and sport training. We can either come to your home and offer mobile sessions across Hampshire, or visit our studio in Twyford.






    Meet Your Trainers:

    Tom has a long background in fitness, rehab and sports training ranging from swimming to skiing. He is the business owner & is a fully qualified EMS trainer.

    Rachel is a hugely experienced, fully qualified EMS trainer with fantastic personal training and pilates knowledge.