Fast Track Pilates Classes: Do you suffer from muscle weakness, inflexibility, pain or injury? Our Pilates classes focus on enabling you to develop perfect core and posture as well as a lean, long and strong body:

  • We offer online group or private Pilates sessions, as well as in person, private Pilates classes at our wonderful Pilates studio in Twyford, or we can come to your home.
  • Our Pilates exercise repertoire is diverse and challenging, but importantly fun for all ages! We teach all levels, from beginner Pilates to advanced classes, in order to get all body-types, ages and strength-levels feeling their absolute best and a little step closer to their ‘perfect core’.

  • Our Pilates instructors are Stott Pilates trained – this is the contemporary approach to the original Pilates method based on modern principles of exercise science and rehabilitation. Stott is unparalleled in the industry for its thoroughness and quality.
  • “Lifestyle postures” lead to weakness & inflexibility, pain & often injury. Our Pilates classes aim to overcome this by building strength and stability particularly through the core. We work in all planes of movement to ensure that your muscles are lengthening and toning three dimensionally.
  • We specialise in helping you develop a deeper connection to your body, through Pilates-based movement. Drawing from a wide variety of techniques, we craft an approach that is moulded to your body, your history, and your unique needs. We’d like to help you move well, breathe well and feel great.


You can choose to participate in any of the following Pilates classes:
• Group or individual online Pilates classes
• Individual or dual sessions at our Pilates studio in Twyford
• Individual Pilates classes at your home

Group Online Pilates Classes:
All our online Pilates classes are mixed ability, from beginner Pilates to advanced sessions. There is a maximum of 6 in a group, which means that our skilled teachers can modify according to individual fitness and capability levels. We mix it up and keep things fun with the use of Pilates accessories like therabands, foam rollers, small weights and more (there are always household props you can use as alternatives if you don’t have these things!).

Private or Dual Pilates Classes:
These are either online, or in person at our Pilates studio in Twyford or at your home or work.
These Pilates classes are private, with one instructor and incorporate the use of a range of Pilates equipment. Each Pilates session is varied and tailored to your goals and requirements – whether that is a weak core, poor posture, muscle imbalances or stiff muscles, or if you are carrying an injury or recovering from surgery.

Choose between online Pilates classes or sessions in person:
Join us for private, in-person sessions at our Pilates studio in the beautiful village of Twyford, just outside Winchester. We also offer online Pilates classes, filmed live from our specialist Pilates studio. These are private or group sessions, enabling you to train in the comfort of your own home, or without leaving the office. All sessions are recorded so if you can’t make the class, you can do it in your own time.

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Here are some testimonials from clients who enjoy Fast Track EMS personal training. Read more reviews on the Fast Track EMS Facebook page:

“This is a great way to train, each personal training session is intensive and the results are amazing.”

“Fast Track personal training workouts are very effective and have really complemented my existing workout routine. I feel so much stronger and my achy back much improved.”

“Absolutely brilliant – my back is so much stronger and my fitness levels and core strength have increased hugely.”

“The personal training sessions are completely individual. I love how much these sessions push me week after week. Totally flexible and really easy to organise.”

“Challenging, PT sessions which leave me feeling fitter & healthier. I would highly recommend!”

“Fast Track personal training is a great way to maintain and develop all round fitness in a time-efficient way, and to cross-train for other sports such as running and cycling.”

“Not just for super-athletic types! If like me you: 1) sit down way too much, 2) dislike exercise, and 3) you’re not sure you actually sure you HAVE a core, please give Fast Track personal training a try.”

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Experiencing one of our Pilates classes is the best way to understand how we they work and how they can help you. Join one of our group, online Pilates classes – the first session is free and you can meet the teachers and also discuss private sessions if those are preferable.






    Meet your Pilates Instructors:

    Teaching Pilates is usually a very hands-on process. Precise feedback and skilful communication form important elements of effective teaching. In order for you to achieve your goals, you need to feel completely safe in the hands of your teacher. This is true for online sessions, too. Finding the right teacher – one with whom you have rapport – is essential to the process. We have two amazing instructors:


    Rach is Stott Pilates trained and has a fantastic, nurturing approach to her Pilates sessions. She takes our studio and private online Pilates classes.


    Trace has over 20 years’ experience of teaching Pilates and is also qualified in biokinetics. She has fantastic knowledge and energy. Tracy teaches our online group and private Pilates classes.