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Fast Track EMS offer one to one and one to two personal training sessions at our private studio in Twyford, or at your home. Our personal trainers will help you achieve the goals you want using EMS combined with personal training:

  • EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) is widely used by professional sports clubs to boost fitness, strength and performance. It also has significant benefits for toning and weight loss.

  • When combined with personal training, EMS builds strength in 90% of your major muscle groups. 20 minutes EMS personal training is equivalent to 90 minutes in the gym.

  • Whether you want to build strength or fitness, tone and tighten up a specific area, lose weight or even overcome injury, Fast Track’s personal trainers can help.
  • The EMS machine is set to the client’s strength and fitness levels so it doesn’t matter how fit, or unfit you are, EMS personal training is suitable for all ages and all fitness levels.
  • EMS also boosts strength in weak or injured muscle groups without putting strain on the joints, so it’s ideal for helping to recover from injuries like bad backs, injured knees, hips or shoulders.
  • Results are fast – because EMS personal training engages 90% of your major muscle groups simultaneously, personal training sessions are only 20 minutes a week and clients often feel the benefits from week one.


Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology has been used by personal trainers, physios and professional sports clubs for decades.

It works by making your muscles contract using gentle electrical pulses, without putting any strain on your joints. When combined with personal training exercises this builds muscle strength in 90% of your major muscle groups in a safe, effective and targeted way. It also builds bone density and engages and strengthens lazy or injured muscles. Fast Track’s personal trainers are able to target the areas you really want to work on. 20 minutes weekly will improve fitness and strength, build muscle, tone up and help with weight loss.

Fast Track EMS personal trainers work with clients of all ages and fitness levels, but we train a large number of clients who prefer the motivation and personalised results of personal training sessions and also those that don’t really like the gym environment.

As 90% of your muscles are engaged simultaneously, it means sessions are only 20 minutes long and results are quick and rewarding. 20 minutes of EMS is equivalent of up to 90 minutes in the gym.

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Here are some testimonials from clients who enjoy Fast Track EMS personal training. Read more reviews on the Fast Track EMS Facebook page:

“EMS Fitness is a great way to train, especially for those who are short on time! Each personal training session is intensive but only takes 20 mins. The results are amazing.”

“EMS personal training workouts are quick and very effective and have really complemented my existing workout routine. I feel so much stronger and my achy back much improved.”

“Absolutely brilliant – my back is so much stronger and my fitness levels and core strength have increased hugely. This is a great way to squeeze a full high intensity workout into a short space of time.”

“The personal training sessions are completely individual. I love how much these sessions push me week after week. Totally flexible and really easy to organise.”

“Challenging, 20 minute, PT sessions which leave me feeling fitter & healthier. I would highly recommend!”

“EMS personal training is a great way to maintain and develop all round fitness in a time-efficient way, and to cross-train for other sports such as running and cycling. It’s also really helpful for training when suffering from injuries or minor strains – as the training can focus on uninjured parts.”

“Not just for super-athletic types! If like me you: 1) sit down way too much, 2) dislike exercise, and 3) you’re not sure you actually sure you HAVE a core, please give EMS personal training a try. It’s 20mins – you can do anything for 20mins – and you’ll feel the ‘benefit’ for days afterwards. I’ve discovered entire muscle groups I never knew I had. It works.”

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Experiencing how EMS works is the best way to understand how we can help with your personal training goals. We can either come to your home and offer mobile personal training sessions across Hampshire, or visit our private studio in Twyford.






Meet Your Trainers:

Tom has a long background in fitness, rehab and sports training ranging from swimming to skiing. He is the business owner & is a fully qualified EMS trainer.

Rachel is a hugely experienced, fully qualified EMS trainer with fantastic personal training and pilates knowledge.