Eating well can help with so much more than weight loss. Good nutrition can help with sleep, stress, energy levels and mood swings – the list goes on. Fast Track offer nutritional guidance alongside your personal training, pilates or EMS sessions. We aim to help you make simple, realistic and sustainable changes to your eating habits. Combining correct nutrition with exercise gives you the optimum chance of achieving your wellbeing goals.

Our nutrition package includes:

  • An analysis of your 5-day food diary in order to identify pros and cons within your diet, as well as an extensive look at your overall health and nutrition.

  • An initial 30-minute consultation to analyse your nutrition habits and establish realistic goals for the weeks ahead.

  • Follow up discussions each time you train to discuss progress and areas for improvement. This will include ongoing education to ensure long term understanding of healthy eating habits.

  • You can contact your trainer at any time with questions or concerns you may have.

The aims of our nutrition package:

  • Giving you guidance to help you provide your body with the correct macro and micronutrients to achieve your health and fitness goals; whether they are weight loss, improving your sleep stress, energy levels or mood swings.

  • Long-term nutrition education: helping you make realistic changes to your diet for sustainable health.

  • Ensuring you are complementing your exercise programme with a nutrition programme that will bring maximum results.

Nutrition and exercise is an ideal combination

Eating well is particularly important when you are exercising regularly. Doing one without the other can leave floors in your health and progress. Fuelling your body with essential nutrients can benefit you in so many ways, whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain weight, improve sleep patterns, energy levels or boost your immune function. Our aim is to give you the tools you need in order to see sustainable, long lasting results.

What’s wrong with diets?

Diets can be a great way to see short term results however, they can…

  • Often be unsustainable, which results is a quick return to old habits
  • Lead to mood swings
  • Result in food cravings which can lead to relapse
  • Cause an unhealthy relationship with foods
  • Make eating a chore rather than a joy.

Good nutrition and an understanding of how that works can bring all the health and wellness benefits you are looking for, which should remain with you for life.


Here are some testimonials from clients who enjoy Fast Track EMS personal training. Read more reviews on the Fast Track EMS Facebook page:

“This is a great way to train, each personal training session is intensive and the results are amazing.”

“Fast Track personal training workouts are very effective and have really complemented my existing workout routine. I feel so much stronger and my achy back much improved.”

“Absolutely brilliant – my back is so much stronger and my fitness levels and core strength have increased hugely.”

“The personal training sessions are completely individual. I love how much these sessions push me week after week. Totally flexible and really easy to organise.”

“Challenging, PT sessions which leave me feeling fitter & healthier. I would highly recommend!”

“Fast Track personal training is a great way to maintain and develop all round fitness in a time-efficient way, and to cross-train for other sports such as running and cycling.”

“Not just for super-athletic types! If like me you: 1) sit down way too much, 2) dislike exercise, and 3) you’re not sure you actually sure you HAVE a core, please give Fast Track personal training a try.”

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    Meet Your Trainers:

    Tom has a long background in fitness, rehab and sports training ranging from swimming to skiing. He is the business owner & is a fully qualified EMS trainer.

    George is a hugely experienced, fully qualified PT, sports masseuse and nutrition expert. He has a wonderful, broad knowledge of fitness and the body and is an all round lovely guy!

    Sophie is a a member of both the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). She runs her own nutritional practise ( and also consults for Fast Track EMS.