Our client, Charlie, recently completed a 5-week course of EMS personal training and has given us an honest and, true to her Instagram name, an uncensored review of her experience. Charlie came to us looking to improve her figure, increase her fitness levels and lose a few centimetres around the waist with our personal training and nutritional guidance.

Her overall experience was positive and enjoyable, and she got some great results too. Don’t just take our word for it read her blog below!



When it comes to trying new things at the gym, I always give it my all. So, when I discovered Fast Track EMS, I was intrigued by how it all worked and enthusiastic to try it.


Like many people, I’d seen adverts on late night shopping channels for ‘pulse belts’ that will give you abs. I’d driven past the front shop with ‘power plate’ workouts that promise to help ‘shake off the lbs’.  There was part of me that thought it could be one of those ‘cheats’ but over a 5-week course with Fast Track EMS, I soon learnt that it was far from a cheat!


During my 1st session, Tom talked me through the science behind the technology and the work I’ll be doing while wearing the kit. The Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) stimulates the major muscle groups in the body through small electrical pulses which is not only tailored to each person but each muscle group to keep it safe while making sessions more intense than a gym workout – just 20 minutes of EMS training is the equivalent of 90 minutes in the gym! Personally, as a single working mother, saving time and still working on my physical health is a winning combination.

The video below is Tom introducing EMS personal training to Charlie for her first session 


As the pulses hit my body, I was aware of my muscles contracting, it was an odd sensation but not painful in the slightest. To bust another myth that some may have – if you think you simply stand still and let the EMS pulses do the work, you’d be wrong! The exercises are low impact either focused on injury rehabilitation, increasing muscle strength or even weight loss.


Charlie EMS training So, I was squatting, hip thrusting, lunging, planking, doing an overhead press with light dumbbells, and a variety exercises working on balance – all of these exercises were low reps and simple sequences while the electro stimulation pulsed away. By the end of the session’s I was sweating, my heart rate was up, and according to my smartwatch, I had burnt the same number of calories in 20-minutes as I would in a 40-minute spin class!  Most importantly, I had fun while working out. I laughed and made some interesting noises as I pushed myself through the challenge.


This is an honest review, so I won’t sugar coat how I felt the next day and the day after that. The post-workout ache was prominent and all over my body – I could feel the ache in every move I made. Frankly, I didn’t see this as a bad thing at all. I loved the feeling that I had worked hard. I enjoyed knowing my muscles were being challenged for the better – during and after each session I could literally feel the progress my body was making. Although, that didn’t stop me whining about the ache to anyone that would listen!

Charlie training during EMS


We all know that to get good physical results it takes both exercise and nutrition. So, alongside my EMS training, “Couch to 5k challenge” and the odd spin class, George (my Fast Track EMS trainer) guided me with my nutrition.


With the advice and support from George, I became more mindful on what I was fueling my body with. I began to make healthier choices and enjoying the process of meal prepping, upping my veg, choosing complex carbs over refined. I started to enjoy being in the kitchen – something I have loathed my whole life!


The combination of exercise, Fast Track EMS training and nutritional support yielded results that went beyond weight loss. Firstly, the education around nutrition has stuck with me and will continue to benefit my overall health. The EMS training has supported my strength and fitness, something that I intend to build upon and keep pushing my body because now I know it can perform. Lastly, the centimetres lost, particularly around my waist was visual reaffirmation that hard work pays off.


I’ve learnt that trying new things is worth it. I’ve learnt that my body thrives off challenge. I’ve learnt that fueling my body with the right food doesn’t need to be hard. I’ve learnt that Fast Track EMS training isn’t a ‘cheat’ or ‘easy’ – it’s a challenge worth investing in for your physical health.

Before & After EMSBefore & After EMS

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