Mental health is a significant motivator for exercise for many people. In fact a recent study by UK Active found that 54% of adults exercise to benefit their mental health. This is compared to 49% who cited getting in shape as their main motivator for exercise.


The study found that since Covid people are much more aware of the physical and mental health benefits of exercising. 86% of participants felt that staying active was important to reduce the risk of injury and illness. This appears to be a shift in thinking with focus now being more on emotional and physical health rather than aesthetics.


Engaging in regular physical activity has been shown to have various positive effects on mental health. These include:-

Release of Endorphins

Because exercise triggers the release of feel good hormones “endorphins” in the brain, we experience a reduction in feelings of pain, stress and improvement in mood.

Stress Reduction

Exercise can help to reduce levels of stress hormones such as cortisol. Physical activity also provides an outlet for stress which can enable individuals to deal with challenges more effectively.

Improved Sleep

Regular exercise can help improve sleep patterns which in turn will positively impact an individual’s mental health.

Enhanced self esteem

Regular exercise can lead to improved body image and self esteem. When individuals exercise regularly, they often feel fitter stronger and happier which positively impacts their mental health.

Distraction and relaxation

So focusing on exercise allows individuals to clear their minds and distract from negative thoughts and worries. This in turn can enable individuals to relax promoting mental relaxation.


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