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If you have been struggling with a knee, hip, shoulder or back injury, or have recently had an operation then Fast Track EMS can help with your injury rehab:

  • EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) builds strength in weak and injured muscles without putting any strain on your joints. This makes it very effective for injury rehab.

  • Combined with gentle, pilates style movements we are able to target the muscles in the injured area as well as build strength in your supporting muscles like your glutes and through your core.

  • We are able to help with injury rehab for ACL injuries or operations, knee cartilage injuries, hip injuries, shoulder injuries including rotator cuff issues, glute strains and back problems (read more on back injury rehab) and much more. We can also help speed up recovery from knee, hip, shoulder and back operations including joint replacement operations.

  • EMS also stimulates blood flow to help repair damaged muscles
  • EMS has the added benefit of maintaining & building all round strength and fitness at the same time as treating your injury.
  • Results are fast – sessions are only 20 minutes a week and clients often feel the benefits from week one.


Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology has been used by physios and professional sports clubs for decades.

It works by making your muscles contract using gentle electrical pulses, without putting any strain on your joints. This builds muscle strength in weak and injured muscles in a safe, effective and targeted way. It also engages lazy muscles and builds strength in areas that support your injury, as well as stimulating blood flow to repair damaged muscles.

Fast Track EMS work with clients who have all manner of injuries including (but not limited to) ACL injuries, knee cartilage injuries, hip injuries, shoulder injuries including rotator cuff issues, glute strains and back problems (read more about back rehab). We can also help speed up recovery from operations, including knee, hip and shoulder replacements.

EMS treatment can bring noticeable results almost immediately and also enables you to boost your all round strength and fitness levels.

The machines are set to the individual’s level of muscle strength, so EMS treatment is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. We have clients from 20 years old to 80 years old.

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Read our testimonials from clients we have helped overcome injury. Read more reviews on the Fast Track EMS Facebook page:

“EMS has totally sorted out my bad knee. It’s got me back running and playing netball. My core is now so much stronger. I would highly recommend it.”

“I highly recommend these sessions. After a hip replacement 2 years ago i have built so much strength and found muscles I never knew I had!”

“I decided to try Fast Track EMS as I had a herniated disc in my lower back and was due to have an operation. I had a number of sessions pre and post operation to aid my recovery and help to improve strength and mobility. The difference and benefits have been amazing. Recovery has been a breeze. My strength and mobility is now massively improved.”

“Having suffered with an ankle problem for many years, most forms of exercise including walking on bad days have been almost impossible but Fast Track EMS Fitness gives me the opportunity to workout without stressing my ankle.”

“I first wanted to try EMS as I’ve had several issues with herniated discs and problems that have arisen due to hypermobility syndrome… I looked into EMS and its background in rehabilitation and thought maybe this will be good. It’s incredible! I feel so much stronger.”

“I have always struggled with lower back issues as a result of weak glutes and a lack of strength in my legs and this has made a significant difference.”

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Experiencing how EMS works is the best way to understand how we can help with your injury. We can either come to your home and offer mobile sessions across Hampshire, or visit our studio in Twyford.






    Meet Your Trainers:

    Tom has a long background in fitness, rehab and sports training ranging from swimming to skiing. He is the business owner & is a fully qualified EMS trainer.

    Rachel is a hugely experienced, fully qualified EMS trainer with fantastic personal training and pilates knowledge.