EMS is an increasingly popular fitness tool for both injury rehabilitation and improving strength and fitness for every day people and even athletes. Today we are talking about how you can improve mobility through EMS training and the benefits you can achieve not only with mobility but getting stronger and reducing chronic pain especially back pain.


How does EMS help?

Mobility training is any mobility exercises that increase the range of motion our body is able to perform.

Our EMS sessions concentrate on a combination of challenging exercises focused on muscular strength and exercises to challenge flexibility and mobility. You can target both areas of development at the same time when it comes to EMS.

The machines electrodes are able to target and build muscle while we combine exercises that work on mobility. You can improve mobility through EMS training just once a week although we would encourage training twice a week for better results.

EMS technology involves wearing a jacket, straps and belt that attaches up to 90% of muscles. The added resistance of the machines pulses makes your range of motion more restricted as muscles are all contracting at the same time.

Exercises that test the full range of movement in a joint can bring many benefits such as deep squats, bird dogs, lateral lunges and anything involving hip extension. EMS we combine isometric positions and dynamic movements to build overall strength in a joint.



Benefits of improving mobility


  • Stronger through a range of motion

You can gain significant strength through a joints full range of motion not just in certain positions but every position.

  • Reduced risk of injury

with more supple joints and soft tissue you can reduce the likelihood of you getting injured. Many injuries occur through over extending a muscle or joint passed its capable range.

  • increase performance

Increasing your mobility will prepare your body for most sports and being athletic. Changing direction, running, twisting and rotating are all movements that we do during sport. Being agile and mobile will help to increase the rate you are able to perform these movements increasing your ability to perform.

  • Improved technique

You will be able to perform the same exercise in a better position. This may mean increasing the range of motion of the exercise to create more muscular tension. This could also be performing the exercise more safely.

  • better posture

Our posture is determined by our daily habits. Good posture requires our body to be balance. Bad posture can be as a result of imbalances through the body with a combination of tight muscles and weak muscles. Working on strength and mobility will help to correct bad posture such as rounded shoulders, kyphosis and lordosis. (excessive curve of the upper back or lower back)





  • Focus on little and often

Find a routine you can stick to consistently 3,4, 5 times a week. Working on the same or similar movements several times per week will lead to much better results than 1, hour long session per week.

  • Work on your weaknesses

Find out where you are weak or stiff and start working on it regularly!

  • Start off your workouts with mobility!

Whether it’s a Run, workout, or other sport, It’s a great way to warm up and prepare the body for something more strenuous.


At fast Track EMS


We work with you to improve what matters most to you. If you are working on a weakness or want to double down on a strength. We can plan our EMS, Personal training or Pilates around your goals. EMS is a fantastic way to stay in shape and really does bring full body training to the next level.


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