We need adequate sleep, nutrition and exercise to ensure we stay ‘healthy’; These three components not only benefit our physical health but also our mental health and, for many of us, lockdown has compromised our ability to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Key aspects of day-to-day life have been restricted, particularly with exercise routines. Without gyms, bootcamps, recreational sports, walking to work, or just walking to the shops, our average step count has reduced and we are seeing higher levels of inactivity, which can have a huge impact on our overall health.

Staying fit in lockdown comes with so many challenges,but don’t despair… here is a list of the different activities we can still do, along with the benefits regular exercise can bring. There is something for everyone… you just need to have a little bit of drive and the courage to try something new:

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How can we keep fit in lockdown?


  • Personal training sessions (HIIT, strength or endurance)
  • Calisthenics (body weight exercises)
  • Cycling (Zwift, Peleton etc)
  • Pilates
  • Yoga



On your Own or with a Trainer:

yoga training at home with personal trainer

  • Personal training sessions (HIIT, strength or endurance)
  • Calisthenics (body weight exercises)
  • Cycling
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Running
  • Online classes
  • Walking with a friend
  • Walk to the shops instead of driving


What are the benefits of exercise?

  1. Physical benefits

Regular exercise can help towards improving our overall fitness, strength and mobility making every day jobs so much easier! This is so important in allowing our bodies to do more, increasing our energy levels and making us more productive as a result.  Combined with fuelling our bodies the right way, exercise will allow us to maintain a healthy weight without the need for panic or extreme diets.

  1. Mental benefits

Staying active is crucial for mental wellbeing. Prolonged periods of inactivity can lead to low energy levels, poor sleep, difficulty concentrating, bad moods and even mental health conditions such as anxiety and even depression. Exercise can help to release any stress in the body and leave you with a clearer mind while times are tough!

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  1. Social interaction

Meeting up face to face  is can make a big difference to your mood and mindset whether you are just meeting a friend for a walk or a personal trainer for a workout. Unlike previous restrictions we can meet up with one other person outside for exercise. This means you can enjoy your exercise in company and benefit from the motivation that brings!

  1. Structure to our day

If your days look very similar and are merging together through the week, it is important to add variety where we can. Exercise can provide fantastic structure to your week giving you a new focus each day. Think about making goals to give you a new focus outside of work and a variety of activities to enjoy. E.g

Monday = Walk for 45 minutes

Tuesday = 20 minutes high intensity workout

Wednesday = Walk/Run/ Cycle – set a distance goal

Thursday = Breathing exercises or yoga

Friday = Strength session, light weights or calisthenics

Saturday = Longer walk in the country

Sunday = Rest day


What do Fast Track EMS offer?

Personal training 1-1 outside or online – We are able to provide 45-minute, outdoor sessions as well as online to bring you personal fitness sessions to meet your specific needs taking you through a wide range of exercises with little equipment. We are able to meet you in an outdoor space that suits you or choose a time online that works around your busy schedules!

Don’t have time? We also offer 20-minute online HIIT sessions to get the blood pumping and leave you ready tackle the rest of your day.

Pilates Training – Private or group pilates sessions online with a diverse set of exercises to challenge all ages and abilities. Our Pilates instructors teach Stott Pilates with a modern approach to exercise and rehabilitation.

Nutrition Advice: We are offering nutritional guidance to educate and make you accountable for your daily intake. This will include in depth discussion’s on your eating habits lifestyle factors and regular check ins to help you achieve your goals.


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