EMS is an incredibly useful fitness tool and can help improve performance, health and fitness in many areas. An EMS trainer can help specialise your training to make it specific to your goals and fitness ambitions. EMS will help stimulate muscle growth in just 20 minutes and can provide benefits such as Hypertrophy, strength, balance, rehabilitation and athleticism. All of these are essential for increasing performance when it comes to sports.


We spoke to our team of trainers who regularly use EMS to increase performance in their own sports. Here is how EMS helped them.


George – Golf

Training more specifically golf has made me focus more on flexibility, power, lower body and core strength. These are all key components which EMS can provide in a single workout! With a selection of specific exercises and EMS targeting all my major muscle groups at once, I am able to build the strength where I need to while working on mobility.


I have managed to gain distance off the Tee and hit the ball further than previous which has certainly

helped me become a better player. I believe this down to my leg, glute and core strength I have picked up in my sessions.I would definitely say EMS can improve performance and when it comes to golf.


Tom – running

I have always enjoyed trail running and getting out in the hills of the South Downs. Around 6 years ago I started taking my running more seriously and competing in some 5, 10 & 21 km races. Once I started EMS training and focusing on exercises that helped to build strength in my quads, glutes and lower back, my times started to drop considerably. I felt so much stronger and more powerful in these key running muscles and through EMS training I have managed to retain the same times, even though I am now approaching 50.

EMS is such a fantastic, targeted way of training – all the clients we have trained with specific sporting goals have seen improvements. Whether this is hitting the golf ball further, the tennis ball harder, speed around the court or better running, cycling or swimming times. It is why more and more elite athletes are using EMS as part of their training programme.


Rachel – tennis

EMS training is now fully embedded into my exercise routine and most weeks I will do a 20 minute strength session followed by a 5 minute stretch using the Miha Bodytec body relax program. I still have occasions when I have back or knee pain but these tend to be short lived and will settle down with regular focused strength and mobility work.

I play a lot of tennis and my game has benefited hugely from EMS training. My speed around the court has improved over the last few years and I now have more power in my shots than before. My serve has also improved as my back feels stronger and I can strike the ball with greater power.




Which celebrities have been using EMS to improve there performance.

As EMS has become more popular. Celebrities have been using EMS to build muscle, increase speed, power and performance. Celebrities such as Usain Bolt, David Haye, Tom Holland and many more. Check out the list of some of the most well known celebrities to use EMS. 

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