How EMS training can help improve your golf

Are you losing distance on your drives? Or have a niggling injury messing with your swing? Did you know that targeted strength training can make a huge difference to both your golf game and your golf fitness? Golf tends to favour one side of your body, which can lead to muscle imbalances over time. And that’s not good news for your swing.

Whole-body EMS training is a smart solution for golfers. Targeting and strengthening the weaker muscles around niggling injuries, without putting any strain on the joints will help to build long term strength and ensure you stay injury free.

EMS combined with specific exercises focusing on the muscles you use in your golf swing will build strength and balance. EMS will also improve overall body function…. Just wait and see how much further you start hitting the ball!

Benefits of EMS training for Golfers:

✔Improved intramuscular coordination

✔Increased driving power

✔All round core strengthening

✔ Improvements in the strengthening of the posterior chain (back and shoulder area)

✔Strengthening of all major neglected stabilisers in the body

✔Increased flexibility

✔All round approach of injury prevention through whole body strength training fixing apparent weaknesses

✔More time on the course

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