EMS training and back health

Electro muscle stimulation (EMS) is a brilliant form of resistance training for back health and back problems. EMS training and back health go hand in hand. Exercising effectively while staying safe of injury. Not only does EMS effectively train a far greater range of muscles than conventional strength training, clients enjoy the shorter training time of just 20 minutes and the support provided by training in a fitted, secure jacket when they have a sore back.


One benefit is that EMS builds strength in weak and inactive muscles in the back without putting any additional strain on the joints. It is medically approved and research has found that clients may feel the benefits of training after just 4 sessions.

EMS is brilliant for strengthening the muscles of the core as well as the back. Building a strong core and abdominal muscles is often overlooked and the two are very often connected. In addition to stronger back and abdominal muscles, EMS will enable clients to become better at activating different muscle groups and therefore be able to work their whole body more effectively improving coordination and mind muscle connection.


Back pain and back injuries


Using gentle body weight movements we are able to target the muscles in the injured area as well as building strength in other supporting muscles groups.

At Fasttrack Fitness we are able to help with a range of back pain issues including long term back pain, poor posture, slipped or herniated discs and scoliosis. We also help individuals to recovery from back surgery.


The Technology


The technology behind EMS has been used by physios and professional sports clubs for decades. It works by making your muscles contract using gentle electrical pulses, without putting any strain on your joints. When combined with gentle movements, this builds muscle strength in weak and injured muscles in a safe, effective and targeted way. It also engages lazy muscles and builds strength in areas that support your back. It also works to stimulate blood flow to repair damaged areas – making it an excellent back pain treatment solution.

The EMS machine is set to the individuals level of strength and tolerance making it suitable for all ages and fitness levels. With all sessions being either 1-1 or 1-2, we ensure they are individually targeted to meet health and training needs. In addition to the physical benefits outlined, EMS can positively impact your mental health with the release of endorphins achieved during exercise.


What our clients say about EMS


“I have had two slipped discs in my lumbar spine and always struggle with low back pain but EMS helped me build my core strength which in turn has completely resolved the pain. Highly recommend” Annie


“Initially after my back injury I was concerned that exercising would make my back worse but EMS allows your muscles to be activated- even when you’re not consciously trying to work them & also waking up those muscles that hadn’t been used for years! Consequently strengthening muscles without overworking & straining the weak areas. Continuing with EMS has strengthened more than just my back (core, glutes, legs are all much, much stronger than before & I have greater balance control too). My body feels altogether stronger & I’m more aware of keeping my back safe. All positive things for getting older!!” Karen


EMS helped me stabilise a long term weakness and then build the muscle necessary to control the pain and then eliminate it.” Alex


I have been working with Fast Track EMS for several months now and it has been remarkable how supportive it has been to my health.  I used to suffer from back pain on a daily basis relating to my chronic medical condition, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, and having spent years commuting to and from London on crowded trains.

The EMS experience provides a great mix of improving physical strength in the back and supporting muscles, together with knowledgeable and friendly staff and gentle, but effective, compound movements.  The result has been an all-round improvement to my strength and reduction in systemic pain.  I don’t feel pain in the same way on a daily basis, and even when I commute, the experience is not as uncomfortable as it used to be.  EMS is a great way to support and alleviate back pain. Marcus


Fasttrack Fitness Winchester

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We have a great deal of experience of working with lower back problems and are passionate about helping individuals recover from injury and gain strength.
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