EMS (electro-muscular stimulation) is a highly effective training method for increasing muscle mass and strength whilst reducing body fat. EMS training works all the major muscle groups using electrical pulses that mimic your brains natural messages to contract your muscles.

An EMS session is just 20 minutes long and is the equivalent of a 90 minute gym session. EMS can engage approximately 90% of your muscles, far more than a regular workout. It is suitable for most people regardless of age, ability, size or fitness level (there are a few exceptions related to health conditions, pace makers, heart conditions and pregnancy ). EMS sessions are carefully overseen by an instructor who will individually plan your session, demonstrate exercises and be on hand to correct your alignment if necessary.


The technology

EMS is a scientifically proven training method which has been used for decades in medical and rehabilitation fields. It was was first used in sports training in the 1970s and has grown significantly in popularity this century as a fitness tool for toning and strengthening as well as injury rehab. The machines used by Fast Track EMS are made by Miha Bodytec, a German company founded in 2007 and market leaders in the EMS industry.


Fast Track EMS

At Fast Track EMS we are passionate about helping individuals achieve their fitness related goals. We also work with a number of clients who are either recovering from injury or trying to return to exercise following injury and a period of inactivity. EMS and injury rehabilitation have been a main focus for Fast Track for several years.

If it is safe for you to do EMS, we will do our very best to get you training. In addition to this, we are able to help clients recover from surgery.
The brilliant thing about EMS is that you are able to carry on training with many injuries ensuring strength and mobility are maintained and crucially avoiding muscle wastage.


Case studies



Rosy broke her ankle and was in plaster for over 6 weeks. She continued to do EMS during this time. Initially she did seated sessions working her upper body, core and good leg. We were able to place a leg strap on her injured leg which enabled the electric impulses to work the muscles of her upper leg whilst her lower leg recovered.



Andy ruptured his ACL and decided not to have surgery. He undertook regular physiotherapy and continued to do EMS. His sessions were initially seated and lying down. We were also able to work his good leg doing single leg exercises and as his recovery progressed we introduced simple exercises to help strengthen the muscles of his injured leg.



Nadine broke her leg and was in a boot for 6 weeks. She continued to do EMS, initially working seated and lying on a bench focusing on her core and upper body. As her recovery progressed and she was able to weight bear, we were able to introduce some standing work.



Bart suffered with hamstring strains and injuries and had to adapt his duathlon training because of this. He was able to continue EMS training during these periods of injury however, enabling him to maintain strength and build muscle which in turn helped him compete really successfully.



Tom used EMS to help him recovery from an operation on his lower back. He did a couple of EMS sessions prior to his surgery to help him build core strength. After his operation EMS helped him regain strength and mobility and return to everyday activities.



Rob hurt his knee skiing and had to have an operation to have cartilage removed. He continued doing EMS prior to his surgery so he could maintain muscle strength. After his surgery he continued EMS training focussing on rebuilding strength and mobility in his knee and surrounding muscles.


Get in touch!

If you have an injury and are keen to build strength and assist you recovery, we would love to hear from you. EMS and injury rehabilitation are a great idea to add to your week. We are happy to work alongside your physiotherapist or medical professional to help you get back to full fitness.

If you would like to find out more about EMS or book in to do a free trial please do contact us at  https://www.fasttrackfitness.net/contact-us/. In addition to EMS, we also offer Pilates and Personal Training sessions.

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