How just 20 minutes of EMS training can have the same effect as a 90 minute gym workout.


EMS can be a powerful tool when it comes to training and building muscle. 20 minutes may sound like a short period of time to workout however, with 80% of your muscles being activated at the same time you can achieve a lot in such a short period of time.


EMS technology allows you to work on almost all of your muscle groups simultaneously while focusing more on which muscles need your attention the most. Through specific exercises and movement patterns you can enhance the use of certain muscles. whether its rehabilitation for a shoulder injury, increasing strength in your legs or developing a stronger core. Exercises used in EMS will help maximise growth in these areas so you can get the most out of your training.


Our training also allows deeper muscles to be targeted and worked on without the need for excessive loading or repetition.

This intensity and continuous nature of EMS provides a time efficient way to build strength without spending hours in the gym.


The electric pulses offer resistant to opposite muscles groups through muscular contraction making simple movements more difficult to perform. Working against your own body allows you to work both the agonist and antagonist muscles at the same time.


The constant engagement of your muscles work to improve posture as well as alignment through exercises giving you a natural cue on where your focus should be. EMS will force your weaker muscles to work just as hard meaning all muscles are worked when it comes to your session.


20 minutes will no doubt leave you feeling like you have been working out for 90 minutes and once you start build strength and see results you will want to continue!


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