EMS training for over 60’s

With health and fitness being on the minds of everyone right now it seems more important than ever to include regular exercise in our daily life regardless of age. EMS personal training will set you well on your way to achieving your 150 minutes of exercise each week. Just 20 minutes of EMS training for over 60’s is considered to be the same as a 90-minute workout!


  • Builds strength

As we get older it gets increasingly difficult to maintain strength in our muscles. EMS training will not only maintain, but increase your strength in all major muscle groups. EMS aims to improve functional strength making day to day tasks that much easier from climbing sets of stairs to digging up plants from the garden.

EMS fitness for over 60's

  • Improves balance & coordination

Through a variety of exercises and positions EMS personal training will always find your weaknesses. Through challenging these vital fitness components, it can prevent you from injury, keep you staying active and making sure you stay on your feet! EMS also improves bone density leaving you with stronger bones which are far less likely to be damaged or even break.


  • Provides no additional strain on joints

As the electrodes add resistance to the muscles. There is no need use heavy weights or put our bodies in strenuous positions. You can simply exercise safely with your muscles still working hard!


  • Injury Rehab

EMS is an excellent form of injury rehab as it can strengthen the injured area or muscle without additional strain, increase blood flow to aid muscle recovery throughout the body and improve posture to prevent injury altogether.


  • We can train you from your home!

We offer mobile EMS fitness sessions for those preferring to train from the comfort of your own home or unable to travel.

EMS training for over 60's

Fast Track EMS Personal Training

  • Personalised training

Having a personal trainer by your side will offer you support and confidence through training. Whether you are new to training or an expert you will be in the hands of a professional who can give you a specific plan tailored to you.


  • Improve Flexibility

Combined with gentle, Pilates style movements EMS fitness can improve flexibility through controlled static and dynamic stretching.


  • Great way to stay active

With just 20 minutes a week EMS training provides you with a great foundation of all round fitness and will hopefully give you the confidence to push on and do more!

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