EMS training has made a huge presence around the world in recent years. Using specific electrodes to target up to 90% of muscle mass, workouts and training sessions are amplified to get the best results. The highly effective and time efficient style of training has many benefits from building muscle, to injury rehabilitation. Here is how you can improve your EMS training and get the most out of your sessions.

Focus on technique

Technique is absolutely crucial when it comes to any exercise. Bad technique can lead to not working on the muscle groups intended, and even injury. Slowing an exercise down may help you through a movement and if you’re still not sure, listening to an instructor or asking questions will improve your EMS training and overall technique.


Focus on muscle contraction

Actively contracting each muscle group during your sessions with make the impulses more effective and more comfortable. This relationship between your brain and muscle is known as myo- muscle connection. The better connection you have, the easier you be able to contract individual muscle groups so you “feel it in the right place”. This can take time and practice!


Slowing movements down

If you are finding movements too easy then first of all you should tell your instructor! Secondly, slowing the same exercise down can also make it more challenging. You will be placing more muscle fibers under tension and also using less momentum in your movements, allowing the muscle to do more of the work.


Working through rest periods

EMS works through 20 minute sessions with a tempo of 4 seconds on, 4 seconds off. Usually performing reps or holding a position during the impulses before resting for 4 seconds. Sessions can be made more challenging and more time under tension can be created through working through these rest periods or holding a position for longer.


Keeping your levels high!

How high you have each set of electrodes can be custom made to you! These can provide a very gentle contraction to the muscle, or incredibly strong. In order to get the most out of your sessions, levels should be as high as possible without causing pain or discomfort. Naturally, levels focus on larger muscle groups such as legs and glutes will usually be high than smaller muscle groups such as biceps and Triceps.


Allow sufficient rest between sessions

You need to let your body recover after your training sessions! This is when the growth and adaptions are made. Training everyday or training when you are sore is far from optimal as you’re not allowing your muscles to recover before adding a new stimulus. You should try to leave at least 48h between EMS training sessions as it is very much a full body workout.


Keeping protein high

Along with rest, Protein plays a crucial role in the recovery process. Protein will be the main driver behind growth and development of muscle and soft tissue. The quicker you are able to recover, the more frequently you are able to train. These tips will help improve your EMS training experience and leave you fitter, stronger and healthier.


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