1. EMS training increases muscle strength
A 2017 study conducted in New York found that participants of EMS training had significantly improved muscle strength in just 8 weeks.

2. EMS training is only a 20-minute workout
How does achieving the equivalent of 90 minutes in the gym in just 20 minutes sound? Most of our clients have jam-packed schedules, which is why the whole-body workout EMS training offers in such a short period is both rewarding & beneficial.

3. EMS training enhances muscle definition
Many clients have found training with Fast Track EMS to both reduce cellulite and achieve muscle definition they haven’t experienced before.

4. You’ll feel great
It’s no secret that when you look good, you feel good. Consistent training with Fast Track EMS will help improve your overall health and put a spring in your step.

5. EMS training reduces body fat
Since EMS training activates muscles and connective tissue entirely, it helps to improve circulation, which reduces excessive fat and tones your body.

6. You’ll be more flexible
Because we use a combination of Pilates and personal training exercises alongside EMS fitness sessions, we are helping our clients become stronger and more flexible.

7. You’ll improve core strength
The targeted muscle contractions combined with our range of core exercises ensures you are able to improve endurance and core strength from EMS training.

8. EMS training reduces back pain
Electro Muscle Stimulation treatment is medically proven to help with back pain. The machine we use builds muscle strength in weak & injured back muscles without putting any strain on your joints or spine. We have been able to help a significant number of clients overcome a wide range of back issues, when nothing else had worked previously.

9. Reduce waist circumference with EMS fitness
If a smaller waistline is what you’re after, you’ll achieve faster results with electro muscle stimulation (EMS) combined with a healthy diet – which is where our resident Nutritional Practitioner can add value.

10. EMS training activates 90% of your muscles at the same time
No, this is not just a marketing selling point, it’s science. Electro muscle contractions are combined with low-impact exercises to give you a high-intensity workout that focuses on your entire body. This is the most effective workout you will experience.

11. Your aerobic capacity will improve with EMS fitness
Studies have found that combining EMS training with personal training exercises (which is the standard format for an EMS session) provides significant benefits to your aerobic capacity.

12. EMS training increases muscle mass
One of the main benefits is an increase in lean muscle mass and fat loss in a short period of time. That is why we are training competitive power lifters and body builders.

13. EMS training will make you faster
Runners, cyclists and swimmers have all found their times have improved as a result of EMS training. We have trained clients for marathons, triathlons, swim marathons and ultra-marathons

14. EMS training will make you feel more powerful
“EMS is the kind of training that leaves you feeling physically, mentally and emotionally stronger, alert and balanced,” says 50+ client, Deborah Chadwick.

15. Your posture will improve with EMS training
Fast Track EMS train lots of clients with “desk posture” and have a wide range of exercises targeting building upper back, shoulder and neck strength & flexibility, as well as improved core strength – all focused on improving posture.

16. EMS training is the ideal low-impact, high-intensity strength training
We think EMS training leaves you feeling like you have been for a swim – with lovely, warm muscles and no feeling of impact or aching joints.

17. EMS training will make you more resilient to injuries
Because you will be building strength in your weaker muscle groups, you will be far less likely to succumb to injuries. EMS works 90% of your major muscles, making you stronger and more resilient.

18. You’ll look and feel healthier
The power of a good EMS fitness workout will cause you to make improvements to other areas of your life, like healthier food choices, more sleep and even encouraging those around you to follow suit.

19. EMS training will enhance sprinting, agility and jumping performance
EMS is the best available option for improving athletic performance, because it boosts strength in your power muscles.

20. EMS training will give you more energy for the family
Let’s not forget one of the most underrated and strenuous sports around: parenthood. I’m sure all of us parents are keen to boost energy levels for more enjoyable & quality time with our family’s.


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